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Water Footprint Toolbox

The Water Footprint Toolbox is an interactive list of concepts, standards, tools, databases, data sets and impact assessment methods concerning water footprinting. Click on the buttons below to filter for specific list entries. Alternatively, type a string into the search field of a column header to filter the list entries based on a specific search string or navigate using the scrollbars.

Area of Protection (AoP)






Level of Application

System Boundary


Water Body/Flow

Water Color


Type of Use

Cause and Effect Chain

Area of Protection (AoP)

Spatial Resolutionn

Temporal Resolution

Considers Absolute Sustainability

Documentation and Review



An offline Excel-based version of the Water Footprint Toolbox is avaialble here (German only).


The Chair of Sustainable Engineering (SEE) develops scientific sustainability assessment approaches for products and technologies. While environmental protection and sustainable development are accepted principles for political decision making and corporate strategies, organizations face challenges when dealing with the practical and substantial implementation of the sustainability concept. How can the environmental and sustainability performance be measured in a scientifically robust way, especially with regard to products and manufacturing processes? The SEE group tackles such questions by developing and applying methods and tools with a system perspective on environmental impacts and sustainability performance.


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